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Natasha Marburger, 32
Film Producer
Crosland Place

I have been a property guardian for a number of years and I love it! There are so many disused properties in London and it’s a great way to live in amazing spaces at affordable prices. The property I live in in Battersea is wonderful – lovely people, fantastic living and communal areas, and a real sociable atmosphere. Lowe are the best company I have lived with as they are friendly and available to talk to in person.

Chris Cook, 22
Property PR

I rent with Lowe Cost Guardians because there really isn’t anyone else in London offering Zone 1 living at such an affordable rate. I’ve found Lowe Cost Guardians to be a responsive, conscientious landlord that provides a great maintenance and repairs service, amazing communal spaces and a surprising amount of good quality amenities for your money.

Taniel Sarafyan, 32

Living at Chelsea police station is ideal as it’s just a 5 minute walk from Chelsea & Kensington Hospital where I work. I have really enjoyed meeting like-minded people and being part of a community.

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