Lowe Key

Lowe Key

Lowe Key prioritises key workers, offering an affordable rental solution in close proximity to their workplace. At the same time, it provides local authorities and public bodies with a cost effective solution to managing its vacant buildings. Download Brochure
There is a huge amount of vacant, publicly owned property across London. Whilst these spaces are vacant, local authorities could benefit from a commercial solution with minimal costs, that maximises the return to local communities.

At the same time, London’s key workers, including the police, health, education and those working in non-profit sectors, are being priced out of the areas they work in by high rental costs, despite giving so much back to the local community.

Lowe Key provides these key workers with an affordable rental solution close to their place of work. In doing so, Lowe Key also provides the local authority with a cost-effective solution to managing its vacant buildings

TFL Engineer

“As I am currently working on the northern line’s new extension, my job involves me having to work both day and night shifts. Having an affordable and flexible place to live close by really benefits me due to my job circumstances.”
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