Guardians Quality and affordable accommodation for London's young professionals, keyworkers and creatives.
Property Services The LOWE Group deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions to managing vacant properties. Visit the website here.

Guardian Housing & Vacant Property Management Experts

We provide affordable guardian housing for London’s young professionals, keyworkers and creatives, whilst at the same time, providing vacant property owners with a professional, efficient and low-cost solution to the problems created by leaving a building vacant.

Guardian Housing Scheme
We're passionate about providing quality, affordable guardian housing for London's young professionals, creatives and key workers. We're always on the lookout for fully employed, responsible property guardians to enjoy one of our amazing properties.
Vacant Property Management
The LOWE Group was formed to provide vacant property owners with a professional, efficient and cost-effective solution to the issues created by a vacant building. About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can London Property Guardians stay in a property?

Our property guardians are bound by their license agreements, which state that they must vacate the premises within 28 days of being given their notice. This ultimately means that property guardians are on a rolling 28-day contract but the length of stay depends on how long the owners of the property require our service. Some of our guardians have lived in the same building for over 2 years.

What buildings are suitable for Property Guardians?

We manage a huge variety of buildings, ranging from residential units to former bank branches and police stations. What makes a property suitable for guardian occupation is whether or not we can transform the space into a residential dwelling. We won’t take on the management of a building unless we know that they can be made functional, habitable, safe and clean.

How long have LOWE been managing Property Guardians in London?

LOWE has been managing property guardians in London for over 5 years.

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