About Us

About LOWE

LOWE Guardians is a property management company with a difference. We provide property owners with a professional and reliable low-cost solution to the problems posed by leaving a building vacant, through socially productive means, whilst offering affordable and inspiring places for our valuable younger generations – young professionals, keyworkers and creatives – to live and thrive in.

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Our Vision

As London’s premier property guardian company, we’re reshaping the industry for the better. Working with some of the U.K.’s leading developers, property funds, local authorities, charities, housing associations and NHS Trusts, we provide a cost-effective solution to keeping empty properties safe and secure, all at no additional cost.

Our guardians are vetted extensively, so we can be sure the properties are being protected by a socially responsible, reliable and professional community who respect and take great care of the buildings they protect. We take pride in establishing a positive community within every space we take on, by providing budgets for social events, open communication with the LOWE Guardian Team and the appointment of Head Guardians at the heart of each community.

For landlords, the benefits are obvious; vacant properties that are monitored by a highly engaged guardian scheme. We do property guardian schemes the right way.

Our story

In 2014 whilst working at Knight Frank, I conducted a comprehensive assessment with the Estates Gazette to discover if any truly affordable solutions existed for London’s young workers today. Labelling the project ‘Lowe Cost Living’, it involved me searching for (and ultimately living in) properties under £500 a month in central London. My search created such interest that it was picked up by The Evening StandardThe Financial Times and BBC .

One of my strongest memories of the investigation was living as a property guardian. I shared one shower in a neglected disused office with twenty others, I experienced having heating on 24/7 at the height of summer, as well as rat infestations in the bathroom. These experiences were not a one off; the guardian industry has caused quite a stir in the press for providing substandard conditions for their inhabitants, with very little effort made to rejuvenate the buildings they are supposedly guarding.

I realised then that the guardian industry needed to be radically improved; on the one hand, property owners needed to receive a service they could trust and on the other, guardians deserved to live in better conditions.

Consequently, LOWE Guardians was born.

Tim Lowe
Founder & Director