Account Manager Harry

Why did you want to work for LOWE?

During my last year at university I spent quite a lot of time researching and writing about property projects, including a few co-living schemes, so I was already interested in how people in London live and interact with each other. My brother, who was working for a large developer at the time, then recommended that I get in touch with Tim (Lowe), as LOWE had just won a few awards. I went in for a chat with Tim a few days later, loved the concept about using space that would otherwise be wasted to help young professionals and key workers and I haven’t looked back since.

What does your job involve?

It’s all about giving clients peace of mind. Having an empty building is a stressful situation because of the risks associated with it. I’ve seen some vacant buildings that have been completely disfigured by squatters – stripping out pipes, smashing holes in walls and ripping wiring up. My job as account manager is to reassure our clients that we have total control over their properties and that everything is running smoothly. Clients often want to visit their sites and I ensure that they have access whenever they need, often personally accompanying them. I compile monthly reports for our clients, showing who their guardians are, any maintenance works that we’ve carried out, how much we are saving them on security costs etc.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

From a personal level, I really enjoy the multi-faceted element of my specific role. On a daily basis, I have to work alongside the guardian team, property management team and marketing team. It’s a real team effort and I love being able to draw it all together.

On a broader level, it’s so rewarding going into work knowing that (as a company) we’re all working towards a worthwhile cause. I have met and chatted to hundreds of our guardians since I joined the company and hearing them say that they couldn’t do what they love doing if it wasn’t for the service that we provide is genuinely humbling.

What makes LOWE different to other guardian companies?

It’s got to be the treatment of our guardians. We’ve got a substantial vetting process and a great guardian management team who really look after all of our licensees. Having spoken to some guardians who have moved over to us, I was shocked to hear their stories about how they were treated by other companies. We are really committed to creating strong communities in our buildings and making sure that they never have maintenance problems go unattended. Seeing how grateful our guardians are for these things is fantastic and I know that they return the favour by treating the properties with great care.

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