Small Business Owner, VR theatre, Highbury & Islington

Brought up in darkest Peru, Pip is our innovator who is bringing art and technology together in holy matrimony. Pip came to the UK as a child and grew up in Oxfordshire before moving to London eight years ago to go to drama school. Pip has worked in every part of the theatre, from the limelight to producer, and is now finding new ways to innovate the industry. He is currently working on immersive technology with fellow guardian Tom, that uses virtual reality and augmented reality to bring the theatre to your home. This work is more important than ever, as people are striving to rebuild an industry around the incredible hurdles thrown up by the pandemic. The British Government recognised the value in their work and they received a grant to continue working on this project.


Pip continues to work on theatre in this reality too. Acceptance and human connection are at the heart of what drives Pip, and he puts this energy into creative endeavours that explore LGBTQ+ and women’s rights and experiences. He is currently working on a musical set in an 18th century drag club and he has also worked with Anonymous is a Woman in the past.

The bank that Pip lives in in Highbury and Islington has received the most amount of love and attention of all of LOWE’s buildings. What used to be a hollow, corporate shell has been transformed into a 90s Miami haven by Pip and fellow guardian Demetri. The zebra print pillars and full-blown amphitheatre are the epitome of what guardianship can be. The location of the property and the great space made this the perfect property for Pip. Steve Jobs had a garage, Bill Gates had a garage, Pip and Tom have a whole bank. Their decision to become guardians was a no-brainer.

As a LOWEkey Ambassador, Pip is keen to bring together fellow innovators and develop a network where LOWE guardians looking for work, can be connected with LOWE guardians looking for contractors.

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