Coronavirus Information for Guardians


As the spread of coronavirus shows no signs of slowing, we want to take a moment to hit on important information for our guardians as we must be extra vigilant in a communal setting.

The following is information on prevention and isolation as recommended to us by government resources and guardianship experts.


Keep your distance: Separate from other people and avoid being in the same room as other people at the same time.

Keep strangers strange: Only allow people who already live at the property access to the building, avoid guests as much as possible.

Keep it clean: Clean bathrooms and toilets regularly as this is a high-risk zone. Wash crockery and utensils thoroughly and eat away from other people to the best of your ability.


– Any property guardians needing to self-isolate should stay in their individual rooms with the door closed. They should only use shared living spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and living areas when necessary. We will work with you to make the appropriate arrangements.

– Ask friends, family members or delivery services to carry out errands. Can other property guardians pull together in a time of need to help those self-isolating?


Please only call 111 if you require significant care or assistance. You do not need to call 111 to self-isolate. Please self-isolate if you present any of the symptoms, no matter how mild. You will need to self-isolate for 7 days from when the symptoms started.

Primary symptoms are a continuous cough and/or a high temperature. Please refer to the following website for the most accurate information on coronavirus: