Guardian Summer Party

Last week LOWE hosted its first guardian party and it was a great success. We had guardians come from all over London and even from as far as Sawbridgeworth and Winchester. It was so great to see how many people made the effort to join us for an evening of lots of fun, food and rosé in Battersea park!

Despite the worryingly grey skies earlier on in the day, the weather had cleared up by party-time and it turned out to be the perfect summer evening for us. Sporting our best LOWE fleeces and sweatshirts we spent the afternoon preparing the food and drinks and waiting for everyone to arrive.

‘Dan the pilot’ who joined the LOWE family in August when he moved into our Stratford property was first to arrive and before long, the bowling green was filled with lots of lovely guardians. It was so nice that new and old guardians from so many different buildings were able to have a drink, relax and get to know each other for a few hours. Jesus, our fabulous head guardian in Bermondsey and resident influencer was able to share instagram tips with David, a long-standing LOWE guardian and our favourite guardianship photographer, whilst our brand ambassadors Nico and Shaun were able to meet each other and compete for the role of best viewing host. Henry who has made a real home of the amazing mansion we have in Sawbridgeworth, was able to make the trip down and update us on the jet-washing of the huge tennis courts in the garden of the property.

It was a smooth evening aside from a few issues trying to open the keg that left us with a whole lot of ale at the end of the night (hope our Chelsea guardians enjoyed the remainders!). Hearing about the positive experiences of so many of our guardians was really encouraging with so many having stayed with us over the years, whether that be in the same property or progressing to different properties, it really highlighted the ability for guardianship to be not just a short-term solution but also a longer term option.

After the success of our first guardian party, we hope that we can host another one soon and that even more of our guardians can join us!