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Living in a LOWE Guardians property works out perfectly for me as I get to live less than a 10 minute walk to Hyde Park or even a short walk to Oxford Street for such an affordable price – you would find it hard to find any room in London for the same price! This as well as having a living area which makes it easier to enjoy where you live and socialise with other house mates creating an enjoyable atmosphere to live in. Another benefit is that Lowe are very easy to communicate with and reply quickly to any queries you may have which saves you worrying about issues. Overall, I’d definitely recommend becoming a guardian with Lowe as it allows you live in central London without the high prices of rent and a quite a quirky place to live in (which is always a conversation starter!).

PIP, 29

I have loved my first couple of months as a guardian. It has enabled me to live in a large, creative space close to work with great people I never would have otherwise met.


Being a property guardian has been perfect for me as a small business owner, saving money on rent really helps to give me peace of mind as I start up. I chose LOWE Guardians as they were the most helpful and understanding that owning your own business is completely different to formal employment and they were very supportive of me throughout the process. The property I’m in is exactly what I had wanted and I couldn’t have asked for nicer flatmates, the whole thing has been made so easy.

JOE, 26

I moved into my first property guardianship just over a year ago now and can safely say it is one of the best decisions I have made. London can be quite a daunting and isolating place when you first arrive here, but being a guardian has allowed me meet so many amazing people and make some lifelong friendships. Out of the three guardianship companies I have rented with, Lowe are definitely my favourite. They take pride in their spaces and go the extra mile to make sure their guardians are comfortable and happy.


I just moved back to London after four years living abroad in Norway and I couldn’t believe how much rent had risen and standards had fallen in that time, so I found LOWE Guardians while looking for alternatives. Guardianship really brings back some of the sense of community and collaborative living that has been lost on the private rental market –  everyone I meet, from fellow guardians to LOWE staff, is friendly, open and honest. Additionally on an ethical note, I hate wastefulness, so love the idea of making use of these amazing spaces instead of letting them stand empty and unloved!


I have been a property guardian for a number of years and I love it! There are so many disused properties in London and it’s a great way to live in amazing spaces at affordable prices. The property I live in in Battersea is wonderful – lovely people, fantastic living and communal areas, and a real sociable atmosphere. LOWE are the best company I have lived with as they are friendly and available to talk to in person.


I live with LOWE Guardians because there really isn’t anyone else in London offering Zone 1 living at such an affordable rate. I’ve found LOWE Guardians to be a responsive, conscientious guardian scheme that provides a great maintenance and repairs service, amazing communal spaces and a surprising amount of good quality amenities for your money.


Coming from Australia, the concept of squatters rights was foreign to me, I’d only heard about guardianship through other people I’d met since moving here. I actually spotted an ad about guardianship reading the Standard, did some research into the company and it looked like a really good program to get involved with. I signed up and a week later I had a new place. I’d heard some guardian programs were pretty ordinary, but all the Lowe employees seemed to be really vested into the business model, from the moment I signed up to coming into the office and meeting everyone – they all seemed to enjoy the work. Living inside a LOWE property has been an absolute dream. I was living in a dive before getting the Lowe property and it’s been nothing but great since. My Favourite part is definitely the property we’ve been given, and I honestly can’t think of any complaints I’ve had since moving in.

Do you think becoming a guardian has had an impact on your life?

Definitely, I was pretty flat living at the property I was previously in and the agency was really poorly run so it sort of detracted from my first year in the city. Living in a Lowe property has been brilliant, it’s given me more of an opportunity to travel and the location of our property has opened us up to the entire city being so central.


I have been a guardian with LOWE since February now and can barely fault a single part of the whole process. Several friends moved to guardian properties coming out of university because of the extremely high rental prices in the private rental sector. I spent a lot of time at these unique properties such as care homes and police stations. My boyfriend was living in the Walthamstow care home where I began to teach Yoga and really got to know the others living inside the property, I really enjoyed spending time there and saw the money people were saving on the affordable licence fees vs high rents so decided to make the move and applied for a room.

The part I most enjoy about being a guardian is the community you are living within, it’s like a huge family – I come from a big family myself so moving into a building with lots of people felt normal to me. There is always somebody home to have a chat with and the guardians always have so much fun together, there is usually a movie night or something social happening inside the building – actually, we all made a load of home-made pizzas for my last night in Walthamstow. LOWE has been amazing with the transition of moving from Walthamstow to Greenwich after breaking up with my boyfriend who I at the time moved in with, luckily we had our own rooms and a room became vacant in another LOWE property that suited before my 28 days notice period was even up, LOWE were happy to move me in ASAP.