Head Guardians Meeting

Living in a property with more than 20 people most defiantly has its perks but at the same time living with such a large group of people can have its lows. To reduce the issues and help with keeping our larger buildings running smoothly we have Head Guardians in place. Head guardians are assigned to each of our larger properties including all outer London locations.

Taking on the role of a head guardian is almost like accepting a part-time job with us! All guardians wishing to apply for this role go through an interview process and have to prove they are fit for the position.

At the beginning of March, we held a Head Guardian meeting where LOWE meet with the Head Guardians and discussed any issues and the duties they are responsible for. Many important points where addressed and head guardian duties were assigned along with a LOWE head guardian handbook. If you were unable to make it and have not yet received a copy please do get in touch with Vicci on victoria@loweguardians.com.

Thank you to everybody that was able to come, it was great to meet and catch up with you all!

Don’t forget all head guardians are here to help keep your building running smoothly. If you have any issues, queries or ideas please approach your head guardian who will be able to help with assisting and getting in touch with our office.