How to Become a Live-In Property Guardian

So you like the idea of becoming a live-in property guardian? Brilliant! There are a few requirements that you need to meet to become a property guardian.

Finding guardians who take pride in where they live is our priority. Therefore, we extensively vet, interview and meet face to face with every prospective guardian prior to being accepted into a property, to ensure that only the most socially responsible and reliable individuals occupy our spaces and are trusted to take good care of the buildings they live in.

The Requirements to Become a Live-In Property Guardian

All our live-in guardians must meet the following criteria:

  • AGE – Guardians must be over the age of 21
  • OCCUPATION – All our Guardians must be in full time employment. We do not accept students and we will request a reference from your employer.
  • SALARY – Minimum £15k annual income (guarantors not permitted and no dependents/family members living together).
    LOWE VALUES – Agreement to all LOWE terms and values (e.g. community values, fire safety, no pets, no smoking or illegal substances, 28 day notice period)
  • CHARACTER REFERENCE – We meet and interview every guardian we take on.We only accept the most reliable, socially responsible individuals that are trusted to take good care of the buildings they live in. Confirmation of involvement with any charity or not for profit organisations, adding value to the community, will be an advantage.

The Next Step to Becoming a Live-In Property Guardian

So you’ve met all the live-in property guardian requirements, great! You’re one step closer to becoming a property guardian with LOWE! All our prospective live-in guardians will also be required to provide these referencing documents:

  • A scanned passport copy
  • 3 months of bank statements (those consistently in their overdraft will not be accepted)
  • An employer reference or proof of self-employment
  • A landlord reference
  • DBS check
  • Job description and latest CV (freelancers will be interviewed to ensure they are in full-time employment)

Why become a Live-In Property Guardian

There are so many benefits to becoming a Live-In Guardian. Gaining the opportunity to live in some great locations at a very affordable price, living in a range of interesting properties & building a community of fellow guardians are just some of the many benefits on offer. Take a look at the benefits of property guardianship page to find out more.

Apply to Become a Live-In Property Guardian

If you have met all the requirements above and like the sound of becoming a live-in property guardian, then we’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact our team on 0207 856 0171 or email us on . Alternatively, take a look at our FAQ’s on the link below which can answer some of your questions!