Lowe Guardians was formed to provide property owners with a professional, efficient and cost-effective solution to the issues created by a vacant building.

As London’s premier property guardian company, we have a proven track record of protecting vacant buildings from squatting, mitigating business rates and lowering insurance premiums - all at no additional cost to property owners.

Lowe Guardians extensively vets all guardians. We've also built a dedicated and reliable team that take excellent care of your property.

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Benefit 1
Our Guardians act as a deterrent to squatters, theft and vandalism - the issues that threaten vacant buildings. We ensure that our Guardians are present daily within the building.
Benefit 2
Empty Business Rates
We have an understanding from the Valuation Office that when we place guardians into a commercial property we are able to mitigate the empty business rates into Council Tax. We have a 100% success rate of achieving this.
Benefit 3
Building Care
We take great care of the buildings we secure. This means fully fitting out the buildings to a habitable standard, managing the building on a 24/7 basis, as well as providing regular building maintenance checks.
Benefit 4
Insurance Premiums
We have a proven track record of helping clients make significant savings by lowering their insurance premiums.
Benefit 5
Cost Effective Solution
We cover the cost of the fit out of the building prior to Guardians taking occupation. Compared to traditional security methods, we offer property owners an extremely cost effective solution.
Benefit 6
Affordable Housing
We are passionate about providing affordable housing solutions to those who need it most. Rather than leaving a building empty, we offer our guardians the chance to live for less while supporting the local area.
The Process
Find out how our bespoke service can work for your vacant building. View Process
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If you have a vacant building and would like to find out more from Lowe Guardians, contact us today for a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building.

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"We have had a lot of experience with different Guardian companies and I would usually recommend caution. However, we’re now working closely with Lowe Guardians whose approach marks them out from the crowd. They are very professional and don’t cut any corners with regard to compliance and protection of their licencees. They also have much stricter vetting procedures than others out there, and their buildings are very well managed. When a guardian scheme works like this, it is a mutually beneficial solution for all involved, offering the building owners considerable savings."

- Tom Steele, Development Manager, Viewranks

"We have used LOWE Guardians' services on several occasions to safeguard our properties whilst they are awaiting planning permission. The LOWE Guardians team always act quickly and efficiently in placing guardians into our vacant buildings, managing the entire process from start to finish. Not only were our properties well looked after, but the team also dramatically reduced our empty rates liabilities. Based on our experience, without doubt, we'd be happy to recommend LOWE Guardians to other property owners in a similar situation."

- Simon Marshall, Development Director, Marston Properties

“We have been very impressed with the level of service we have received from Lowe Guardians. They are a professional, responsive and efficient company who take great care of the properties they manage. We would highly recommend them.”

- Simon Gray, Asset Manager, Private Family Office