Vacant Property Services for Landlords

LOWE Guardians was formed to provide property owners with a professional, efficient and cost-effective solution to the issues created by a vacant property.

As London’s premier property guardian company, we have a proven track record of vacant property security, protecting your vacant property from squatting, mitigating business rates and lowering insurance premiums – all at no additional cost to property owners.

Guardian Property Management that Reduces Costs & Secures Your Property

LOWE Guardians extensively vets all guardians. We’ve also built a dedicated and reliable team that take excellent care of your vacant property.

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The Process
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If you have a vacant building and would like to find out more from LOWE Guardians, contact us today for a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building.

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“We have found working with LOWE Guardians a really positive experience for managing our vacant properties. From the moment a building has become vacant they have acted efficiently to ensure the building is kept secure, fully compliant and well maintained. They have a rigorous vetting process for their guardians, ensuring only the most socially responsible guardians occupy our properties. In return, we are delighted that our vacant buildings can be used to provide young professionals and key workers, with safe, secure and affordable accommodation.”

- Mark Innocenti, Avison Young

“We have been working closely with LOWE since 2017. Their buildings are well-managed, and they care about their guardians, which is reflected in the sense of community that they create in their properties. When a guardian initiative works like this, it is a mutually beneficial solution for all involved, offering the building owners considerable savings as well as security.”

- Sarah Davies, Pocket Living

“Not only has LOWE saved us from significant security costs, but the social value of having responsible property guardians living in the estate has also been enormous. The flexible nature of their legal agreements fits perfectly with our ongoing plans for regenerating South Acton Estate with quality, affordable homes. We are especially proud to be housing key workers from the surrounding areas.”

- Leon Joseph, Ealing Council

“We have been using LOWE Guardians for the past year and we have found their property guardian service an excellent fit for our vacant buildings. Not only is this ensuring that the properties are professionally managed and saving us on traditional security costs, but we are really pleased that the properties are being used to house key workers living and working in the local area through their LOWEkey programme.”

- Duncan Winter, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

“We have found LOWE Guardians incredibly responsive and professional when dealing with our vacant properties. From the moment a building becomes vacant, they are able to move very fast, ensuring all compliance in place and occupying the properties with socially responsible guardians. We are given regular up to date reports and they maintain our properties to an very high standard.”

- Max Rankin, Countryside

Frequently Asked Questions

How can LOWE help with my vacant property management?

Squatting, theft, vandalism and arson are just some of the issues associated with having a vacant property. As building owners, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the property and LOWE can help with this. By placing LOWE’s well-vetted guardians within your property, it eliminates the possibility for any of these issues. Unlike security guards, which can cost over £10,000 per month, our guardian service costs neutral.

How can guardianship help to mitigate business rates on empty property?

We have an understanding from the Valuation Office that when we place guardians into a commercial property we are able to mitigate the empty business rates into Council Tax. This is done through proving to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) that the building is being used for residential purposes rather than commercial purposes and we have a 100% success rate of achieving this. LOWE recently saved a client over £370,000 per annum for a 40,000sqft office building. It is also worth noting that this process does not change the use class of the property.

What condition does my vacant property need to be in?

We have taken on the management of properties that have been very recently vacated through to properties that have been empty for 5 years. We will conduct an inspection of all types of property and provide a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building. We will look at all properties on a case-by-case basis and will provide landlords with a bespoke report based on your circumstances and plans for the property.

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