LOWEkey Ambassadors

For 2020 we are excited to take the LOWEkey project one step further and introduce the LOWEkey Ambassador Programme – a selective program aimed at providing Key workers, Innovators and Placemakers a platform to pursue causes they are passionate about through significant licence fee discounts and a voice within LOWE. We are looking for community minded people who are excited to represent their community and assist LOWE with LOWEkey initiatives and charitable giving.

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There are 12 positions made available every six months. The position is held a maximum of one year and the guardian must already live with LOWE. The chosen ambassadors will receive a minimum of 40% reduction to their licence fee, a platform to promote their own work or charitable causes and a direct point of contact within LOWE to work on projects dedicated to supporting the local community.


Key workers: NHS workers, police, transport operators, educators, postal employees, charity workers – the list goes on!

Innovators: These are our big picture, cutting edge guardians looking for a foothold in London. You might be founding a start-up, building a sustainability programme or engaged in future focussed technology.

Placemakers: Placemakers are the people who make a house into a home, a postcode into a community. They fill the local area with sound, colour and culture. From musicians and artists, to small business owners and creators, they deserve our support.

Our Ambassadors

The sheer diversity and calibre of LOWE Guardians is astounding, and presents an amazing opportunity to connect like-minded people and foster collaboration. So many guardians choose guardianship not only for affordability, but also for community, opportunity and sustainability. We want to give our guardians the space and infrastructure to support them in their endeavours, and to connect them with resources and each other.

Meet our 12 passionate guardians who are driven in their work, their individual projects and are invested in bringing together the LOWE community through the LOWEkey network.

Meet our Ambassadors

Key Dates

We have completed our first round of applications. Please keep an eye our for our mailers which will detail when the next round of applications will launch.

For more information please email info@loweguardians.com or call the office on 0207 856 0171.

Sir Tim Melville-Ross, Chairman, Homerton University Hospital

“I believe the work that LOWE Guardians and their new venture LOWEKEY is doing is crucial to helping resolve some of our most pressing national issues. It is well known that our national housing policy is delivering far too few affordable dwellings in key locations. But it is less well known that the implications of this for the effective operation of our National Health Service and other public services are very severe. I chair an NHS acute and community trust in East London, where I can see for myself how difficult it is for staff to find acceptable, affordable accommodation within a reasonable distance. For some there is the (expensive) option of commuting from a distant home, but this really doesn’t work without creating enormous stress for people who have to work long and variable shifts, and be available at very short notice. This is clearly a major problem for key workers in the health service, the police and the fire service amongst others.”