Skill Swap

I’ve just reached my 6-month milestone of living in London. Overwhelmed by its size and endless goings-on, I’m still finding my feet when it comes to what I like (all night transport) and dislike (slow-walking tourists) about this vast city. One thing I am definitely sure about though, is that despite London’s glowing and gloomy attributes, I am very lucky to be able to call this city my home. It is an incredible place, filled to the brim with incredible people.

Since starting at LOWE, this realisation has been made even clearer due to the vast pool of exciting and interesting characters I am lucky enough to meet on a daily basis.

It was during my first LOWE Christmas drinks that I found myself chatting to a Guardian from Madrid. As a questionable intermediate Spanish speaker, I started thinking about how I could find a language exchange amongst the our wide portfolio of guardians. It was at that moment that I realised there was an abundance of skills that could be shared and learned among our guardians.

I knew immediately I had to expand on this idea and develop it into something more. ‘Skill Swap’ was born: a platform that makes the most of the dynamic and skilled group of young people living in our properties. Through Skill Swap, our Guardians have the opportunity to put together a 6-week course that demonstrates their skills to their fellow Guardians, whilst at the same time getting paid for their time. The courses are run exclusively for LOWE guardians at a subsidised price.

Thus far our Guardians have enjoyed £2 yoga sessions in one of our stunning Warehouse properties and created silver stacking rings for just £20. As someone who knows only too well how easy it is to be mesmerised by what London has to offer, only to shy away upon learning the cost, I can immediately see the benefits that Skill Swap brings for those looking for fun, affordable ways in which to spend their evenings.

Most importantly, Skill Swap has enabled us to make the most of the interesting and inspiring guardians who live in our properties. Community is something we value highly within our buildings and thanks to Skill Swap our Guardians now have a means to meet other Guardians from all over the city.

If you’ve got something fun to offer or you’re looking for a new hobby and want an exciting space to live in, then maybe LOWE is the perfect option for you!

Helena Brown, Guardian & Community Manager