What is a Property Guardian?

A property guardian is defined as someone who is granted an affordable, flexible and shared living space, in return for protecting otherwise vacant buildings from squatters, anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

At LOWE we’re passionate about providing quality, low-cost and secure housing to London’s key workers, entrepreneurs, creatives and working professionals, in locations and spaces that would otherwise be beyond their means. Since LOWE began back in 2016, we have built up a dedicated group of professional guardians who take pride in, and help protect, the premises in which they live.

All our guardians are vetted extensively, resulting in a socially responsible, reliable and professional community of like-minded people, who take excellent care of the buildings they protect.

How to become a property guardian?

So you like the idea of becoming a guardian? Great! There are a few requirements that you need to meet to become a property guardian.

Finding guardians who take pride in where they live is our priority. Therefore, we extensively vet, interview and meet face to face with every prospective guardian prior to being accepted into a property, to ensure that only the most socially responsible and reliable individuals occupy our spaces and are trusted to take good care of the buildings they live in.

To be a LOWE guardian you must be:

  • Over 21 years of age
  • In full time employment or be able to provide proof of self-employment, and we will request employer references
  • Deemed financially able
  • Not an undergraduate student

Prospective guardians will also be required to provide these referencing documents:

  • A scanned passport copy
  • Three months of bank statements
  • An employer reference or proof of self-employment
  • A landlord reference
  • CV

Why be a property guardian?

Being a property guardian gives you many advantages which you wouldn’t normally get as a tenant, such as:

  • Large savings on accommodation costs, meaning a significant increase in disposable income: Guardians pay a licence fee which is usually 60% below market rental prices.
  • Flexible living arrangements, requiring just 28 days’ notice to leave: The licence agreement is the legally binding contract entered into with guardians. The contract outlines the guardian’s duty of care to the property, the 28-day notice period and their fire safety obligations.
  • Unique and unusual properties to secure such as former pubs, offices, police stations and banks, in a variety of desirable locations.
  • Part of a growing property guardian community: When surveyed, approximately 50% of applications said they chose LOWE for its positive reputation as a socially minded business. By providing budgets for social events, open communication with the LOWE guardian team and the appointment of Head Guardians, we encourage guardians to buy into their communities and homes.
  • Head Guardians: We appoint Head Guardians at all of our properties to foster community and structure in a large communal setting. Head Guardians act as a representative for their community and work with LOWE to keep us informed and aware of any potential issues. Head Guardians become the heart of their community and they are an invaluable part of LOWE.

All of our properties are fitted out to the highest standard; every space has fully functioning kitchens, showering and washing facilities. In our larger properties, we also provide a cleaner, amazing communal spaces and events, all included within the licence fee.

We’re always on the lookout for fully employed, responsible property guardians to enjoy one of our amazing properties. Click here to apply.

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