Property Guardians

Property Guardians

At LOWE we are passionate about providing a quality, affordable housing for London’s young professionals, creatives and key workers.

Over the years we have housed a wonderful group of ambitious, socially responsible and community minded guardians and we are very proud that through living with us, we have been able to help them unlock their aspirations and go on to do great things!

A Low Cost Housing Scheme for Property Guardians

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Benefits of Guardianship
The benefits of property guardianship are plentiful! Take a look at just some of the benefits a property guardian scheme offers. Benefits of Property Guardianship
We're looking for guardians that take pride in where they live. Therefore, we extensively vet all our guardians to ensure only the most socially responsible and reliable individuals occupy one of our spaces. View requirements
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Our Property Guardians
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What is a property guardian?

A property guardian is someone who provides live-in security for vacant buildings in exchange for affordable accommodation, primarily in central locations. A property guardian might be someone saving for a house deposit, a start-up founder investing in their business, or someone excited to be a part of a community of like minded people in the heart of the city. Find out more here.

Who can become a property guardian?

To become a LOWE Guardian you must be over the age of 21 and in full time employment. We want to make this affordable accommodation available to people who give back, and our LOWEkey scheme ensures key workers get priority in our buildings so we can support those workers who are the lifeblood of our communities.

What are typical guardianship housing responsibilities?

A guardian has two primary duties: to keep the building safe from squatters and ensure the property doesn’t slip into dereliction. To avoid squatters, it is vital that at least one guardian is present within a building at any given time. We do the heavy lifting on all maintenance and building upkeep, but our guardians keep us in the loop by reporting any issues with the property and testing fire alarms and emergency lighting.

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