At LOWE, we are a team of bright individuals who are passionate about making an impact on people’s lives and providing a property service we truly believe in.

We have built a professional but informal environment; a culture of innovation runs through the business, where new ideas are welcomed across all levels and everyone’s voice is heard. We work collaboratively, supporting one another and celebrating individual successes, and it is because of this that we are a very close-knit team.

LOWE Maintenance

The LOWE Maintenance team are our knights in shining white vans. Our highly skilled, in-house maintenance team are out in the field, travelling everywhere from Brixton to Bournemouth, Winchester to Walthamstow, dealing with any maintenance issues, and ensuring our guardians are comfortable and safe along the way. They also work on the fit-outs of our buildings, transforming vacant buildings into habitable environments for our guardians, meeting all the necessary regulations and standards.

Join the Team

Our team brings together the most ambitious and diverse minds and we’re always on the lookout for bright and brilliant individuals with the right can-do attitude to join us. So, if that sounds like you, then drop us a line – we would love to hear from you!

Current Vacancies