How To: FixFlo Maintenance Reporting

FixFlo is LOWE’s maintenance reporting platform. Should you have any maintenance issues in your property, please visit: and follow the below instructions to report your issue.

During weekdays, all maintenance issues will receive a response within 24hrs. For emergency issues, (e.g. gas leak), please call the office directly on:

0207 856 0171 (Mon-Fri office hours)
0203 326 6290 (out of hours)

STEP 1: Select the language you would like to report in

STEP 2: Choose the picture icon most relevant to your

STEP 3: Review any guidance and advice pop-ups shown

STEP 4: Include all details and any photos of videos

STEP 5: Select your address and enter your contact details

STEP 6: Submit your repair request through to us