Sir Tim Melville-Ross Joins LOWEKEY

Lowe Guardians today announced that Sir Tim Melville-Ross, Chairman of Homerton University Hospital, has joined the team as an ambassador for Lowe Guardians’ new venture, LOWEKEY.

LOWEKEY provides London’s key workers with an affordable rental solution close to their place of work. In doing so, LOWEKEY also provides the local authority with a cost-effective solution to managing its vacant buildings.

Tim Lowe, Director as Lowe Guardians, said “We’re absolutely thrilled to have Tim representing our new initiative. Tim brings a wealth of experience with him, and will be invaluable in generating awareness around the issues as well as bringing possible solutions to the attention of public bodies’

Tim Melville-Ross also commented on his new role: “I believe that LOWE Guardians and their new venture LOWEKEY, are crucial to helping resolve some of our most pressing national issues. It is well-known that our national housing policy is delivering far too few affordable dwellings in key locations.”

“What is less well-known is the impact that the acute housing shortage is having on our key workers in the National Health Service, as well as other vital public services. I chair an NHS acute and community trust in East London, where I can see for myself how difficult it is for staff to find acceptable, affordable accommodation within a reasonable distance. For some, there is the expensive option of commuting from a distant home, but this really doesn’t work without creating enormous stress for people who have to work long and variable shifts, and be available at very short notice.”

As an ambassador Tim Melville-Ross will be helping drive the message of the initiative into the public space, as well as connecting the venture with local authorities and other public bodies.